Work in Progress

We are working as fast as possible to transfer the Banner and Affinity (BEC) back catalogue onto CD. All recordings from 2000 onwards are only available in CD format. However, as orders are received for earlier recordings, these have to be processed, digitised and checked. This work takes time, unfortunately, and has to be fitted around a busy full time pastorate.

Each of the recordings has to be copied in real time, often from reel-to-reel masters. Some of these earlier recordings were not done in ideal circumstances and need a lot of work to clean them and remove noise. Many of the later recordings are of high quality, but they still need to be checked and digitised. A few masters are only on cassette and these are even more time consuming to process as the cassette format is a very unreliable medium. We do not want to cut corners in this so if you have ordered a CD copy from the back catalogue it may take some while for your order to be completed.